What's the most recent DirectX version?



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I accidently installed DirectX when installing Radeon drivers and the DirectX version appears to be newer than 7.0a. When I reinstalled version 7.0a, DXDIAG told me I had a bunch of outdated files so I had to reinstall the DX on the Radeon CD. Now that I've returned the Radeon I don't have a version of DirectX to install if I had to. Is there a newer version of DX and where can I get it? Microsoft has 7.0a listed. Thanks.


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7.0a is the most recent official version. There are beta versions of 8 around but i'm waiting for an official version of it before i download it and install it on my system.


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7.0a is the most recent downloadable version of directx. Windows ME however has directx 7.1 built in. Like netdude said there are lots of version of DirectX 8 Beta out there as well. I would stick with 7.0a