What's the best setup for MPEG-2 Capture/Editing?



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My firm wants to move to MPEG-2 video technology. I have the mandate of finding the best hardware/software setup which will allow me to render MPEG-2 videos for DVD playback. We currently capture into AVI format using a quite old Matrox Rainbow Runner, and do most of the editing into Adobe Premiere 5.1 RT.
I've been shopping the Web and found out about various Optibase MPEG-2 real-time capture cards, which look quite fine.
What I care about though is the editing part. Adobe Premiere doesn't directly support MPEG-2 editing. Plugins might be available though, so they say.

So all in all, what do you suggest?

1.Keep on capturing/editing using our current configuration and render the final product into MPEG-2 encoders? If so, what CPU setup do you suggest.

2.Go for the realtime MPEG-2 capture card, and use the correct plugin or software suite? (which I know nothing about). Again, what's the ideal CPU setup.

Please, post your comments or knowledge. Any help would be highly appreciated.

DaRKh PrOPhet

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I can't remember the name of the MPEG2-editing and writing software but it's quite expensive, around $15000 and hard to get as it's not used on a very big scale.
Getting a DVD-writer isn't very cheap either and also hard to get.

I'd wait a little longer till MPEG-2 editing becomes a bit more mainstream and a future release of Adobe Premiere will likely support it.
It'd be a waste to switch to a new MPEG2 package now, and to see Premiere with MPEG2 support in a couple of weeks.

As for the CPU, get the fastest you can get for raw rendering speed (Athlon/PIII 600 or better'd do great) and lots of Ram for editing and a fast harddisk (UltraWide SCSI or IDE AV).