What's the best mouse for gaming?



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I have a Logitech Mouseman PS2 3-button mouse right now, but I'm looking to upgrade to a nice 4-button/mousewheel; I was looking primarily at Microsoft Intellimouse Optical and Explorer- the Explorer looks more ergonamic, but the intellimouse is $20 cheaper. The buttons are arrayed differently, too- which one would be better for gaming?? Will trying to reach the upper button on the explorer cramp my hand? What about the Razer boomslanger? I took this puppy for a test-drive at Best Buy and it was like liquid comfort... It didn't have 5 buttons, though, and that's what I really am looking for.

I most frequent the Quake III mod WFA, and I wanted to map grapple, crouch, jump, fire and alt-fire. Not sure what the mouse-wheel up-down will be for, since I have weapons set nice on the keyboard and don't want to overload my right hand


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I'm HWC's resident Logitech cheerleader... so in accordance with my appointed duties, I offer for your perusal a pic of a fine suggestion for an optical, 4-button gaming mouse:

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I have the Optical mouse and it works great; whichever mouse you pick will be a good choice over what you have now.


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Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer excellent IMO and I want for nothing more (except perhaps the lack of a tail)


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Hey, it's a tradition now... I can't stop!

BTW, the Logitech's let you turn the sample rate up to 200hz...


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I have the Intellimouse Explorer, it's great.

I remember that when I had my old Intellimouse (standard ball model), UT used to crash when I set it to 200Hz, but would run fine at 80Hz.

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Yep my Intellimouse Explorer gets a big thumbs up.

It was smooth out of the box, but when I downloaded the latest drivers things got even smoooooooooother.

I think the refresh rate has been upped.

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I use the Logitec Trackball Marble. I never have to worrie about running off of the mousepad.


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this is the only area where I find the great Bill cannot be outdone, I've never used anything to touch an MS mouse. The Intelieye optical one is my favourite, though I don't have the cash for one myself I've used my friends in UT and it ROCKS.

Also, note that I have had the same MS Mouse 2.0 for 2 years and it shows no signs of wearing out, in the same time my Father has gone through 4 cheaper mice, equating to roughly twice the cost of my MS. I even have an old MS Mouse 1 in my loft which still works after 12 years (5 of which used for AutoCAD every day!).

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Intellimouse Explorer USB. Just plug it in and there you go. The feeling of the mouse and sensitivity of the buttons takes a few days or hours to get used to, but once you are "in" you can't do without the mouse. I love my Intellimouse Explorer! It is the best mouse around.


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I also use a Logitech Trackman Marble +... I can't say there is a better mouse out there.

I've also tried this same mouse without an armrest on my chair and sometimes it can get really tiring.

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When i got Q3A there was a ad for a mouse called Razer. Any of you heard of it. They said it is specially for gamming. It has a website also, but i lost it. oh well

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The Razor Boomslang is probably the best ball mouse for gaming. I hear that there is a new version coming out soon.


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Hey Flaps, I got that mouse(USB).
I used to hate it, now i couldn't live w/o it!


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Thanks all- I just ordered an Intellimouse Explorer. I think I got a good deal on it- $40 + $5/shipping
from http://www.wdoutlet.com/ (They seem like they're used to a very few high-volume sales and were lo-tech ordering, but damn, they're a good $20 cheaper than the next cheapest I saw!) I'll let you know how it turns out & if this company is worth dealing with in the future.


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Thank you, grover!
You made the right decision!

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I have a razer boomslang 2000, and I love it.
That website is: www.allothermicesuck.com
or www.razerzone.com .

I have never used an intellimouse, so I can't really compare the two...but my Razer has never let me down. Great for gaming or everyday use. Just another opinion.

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