Whats the Best Graphics Card then ?



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A real easy question here but serious answers only please. Im willing to pay up to £200 max. I am currently using a voodo 3 3000. 16mb. Is the nvidia g-force 2 any good ?


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The GeForce2 is cool.

Get the GeForce2 GTS, or PRO if you can find one for under £200.

THe GTS is about £170 I think.

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Go to http://www.ebuyer.com and go to the graphic cards. In there somewhere is an Asus one for around £130 (32mb DDR version)

I won't bore you with my system specs..


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check around a computer fairs I brought a GeforceGTS2ULTRA OEM with no drivers brand new for £199 from a company called Nomis.

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