Whats a good vcard under $150?



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Here's my PC

Compaq 5070 K6-2 350
192 ram

I play AOK, Tiberian Sun and TombRaider 3. Right now I have 8 megs for video memory. I bought the Diamond Stealth 3 but returned it coz I want to research first before I buy one. I also read from some magazines that Stealth 3 is not as good as the Voodoos. It needs to be PCI by the way. Appreciate all the help!


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Well, you've made a mistake by getting a Compaq, but since you did, we'll work from that. I would go out there and pick up a Voodoo 3. It should be about $100 or less. Get the PCI version, and you will still use your existing video card in conjunction with this one. It will come with a pass-though cable so you can use your existing card for 2D and the voodoo for 3D.


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I believe Lex was referring to the voodoo 2. THe Voodoo 3 is a stand alone 2d/3d card. Considering you probably only have a PCI slot open in that cramped Compaq case (It is one of those micro cases, right?) I would suggest (although i never usually do) the Voodoo 3 also. Its probably the best thing that still comes in a PCI slot. They have the V3 3000 in a PCI form now I believe so I would get that. If you do, however have an AGP slot I would pull out the old video card and put In a TNT2---If you use pricewatch.com you should be able to get one at around $150, I think..

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