What would be a good monitor for a PC based entertainment Center?



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I am building a PC as an Entertainment Center for my house. I am having trouble figuring out what would be a good monitor for it. I would like something that is bigger than 21" but under $2000 US. Any suggetions would help.

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Check on pricewatch... They have Sony 24inch monitors for $1699.

Hope that helps you!

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Yep, the Sony at 24" is about the only large CRT with the resolution to make a decent computer monitor.

LCD projectors bright enough for home entertainment purposes used to start at about $4000... haven't checked in several months. One that does XGA or so... and good brightness... expect to pay about 10k.

Good luck is about right.

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Infocus LP130 goes for $3500. Too much, I think.

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