what was the first game you couldn't stop playing?



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Lemmings on an Amiga 3500(?)

I was on this thing for days!....eventually, my body gave up and I had to sleep...but I had really F$%!ed up nightmares with lemmings that night.


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Lemming nightmares :eek: LOL :D

Hmm... lets see. I guess I didn't really get fully addicted to a game until Settlers on PC. I couldn't stop playing it!! Funny thing is, I only ever had the demo, which only gave you half hours worth of gameplay if that.

Soon after came Transport Tycoon. I spent years playing that. Not so much by choice, rather the old 3x86 was sooo slow, it took forever for the game to advance and finally reach the finishing year. I played it again recently on my Tbird 800 and finished it in a few days :p


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Mike Tyson's Punchout (later released as just "Punchout" after Tyson's rape conviction lol) on NES. It took me forever to figure out how to beat King Hippo and even longer to beat the last two bosses. I've never been addicted to any PC game except maybe Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Consoles have always held more allure, but that's beginning to change now...


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LOL I definately remember Punchout Wraithchild! :) But, the very first game that got me hooked on the computer was the old D&D Gold Box Pool Of Radiance! I loved that game! I liked the turn-based combat and the different weapons and armor you could get. Although it only has CGA graphics, I thought it was the best out there at that time! :D

Unfortunately, IMO , the new Pool Of Radiance doesn't even come close to the original. :(


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Duck Hunt... I broke taht out the other day. It is still a badass game to this day.


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Zelda, Contra and punchout on nes and final fantasy 2 on Snes.

DoubleDragon on nes also.

MAybe some Castlevania on nes and Snes. Anyone else like the castlevania series? ( Simons Quest )

RainbowSix on Pc. and now

operation-flashpoint ;) nuf said.


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Descent all the Way!

I played Descent I and II online for 6-7 years in a row. That game was fucking addicting. Too bad it died out. =(


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HeHeHehe....the olden goodies. I still have clear visions of these two games that realy captured me :

1. BattleTech : The Crecent Hawks Enception - a turn based game that envolved the Mech and Mechwarrior Universe. PLayed that thing for hours.

2. The ever so painfull in the bud at times was Zeliard. Played that game about for 3 months straight to finish it. Stll wish there could be a remake or perhaps a sequal caue the end of the game it realy didn't seem quite over.

I played both these games on my old XT with just 2x720 Floppy drives and a monochrome screen. :).... I know ouch. No HDD.


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Defender on the Atari 2600. Once I got up to wave 43 before I fell asleep in front of the TV. :)


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Ping Pong on a IBM PC Jr w/128K ram. That little white dot would fly with processor running @ 4.7 mhz! On the coin games I used to like Tron, Ms Pac-Man, Street Fighter. Now its UT online and Medal of Honor AA offline.


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Quake Team Fortress

It was a great game with all the shadows to hide in. The new TF mods suck with maps completely lit :p


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I would have to say Legen Of Zelda: A Link To The Past on the SNES. Played that over and over. Then there was Goldeneye an Perfect Dark...

Ahhhh....Goldeneye, lost a lot of hours of my life that Ill never get back playing that game...

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Galaga (not to be confused with Galaxian)

I have saved the world from evil bird like aliens dropping bombs on the planet with my trusty spaceship and three lives more times than you might believe.


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Elite on the BBCB - I skived off school for 2 weeks so I could get to Elite status.

Much later on and I'd have to say Thief TDP was the next game to really grip me :)


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Starcraft - Played that game for about 3-4 years until I let one of my friends borrow it and he hasn't given it back. :mad: But oh well, mostly everyone I know doesn't play it anymore.


Weelll, I had a game 'console' before they were game consoles and I used to spend hours hitting a block around the screen at other blocks. Sometimes the blocks were called 'cars' and sometimes they were called 'submarines'. BUT a block is still a block, eh!

The first game that 'caught' me was warcraft II. Forget the commodore VIC 20 or commodore PLUS 4 as they were boring compared to my first PC type game. I was on a ship at the time and went into Timezone in Townsville to use the email and started playing warcraft II. At $10 an hour....... I could only afford to spend $40 at a time but I couldn't wait to get ashore to get in and have a game.

It was also the first game I brought when I swallowed the anchor and got a PC.

DF 1,2 & 3 are my current favourites with TA a close second - I play them constantly.

Cheers Dave Creek