What video card should I get? Your opinions please...

Tim Paulino

Tim Paulino

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I am running Windows NT 4.0, SP5, PII 333MHz.

Have tried the CL Savage4 (AGP), but the drivers for WinNT are horrible. Looking to get another card, mainly for playing Q2 and Half-Life, but what should I get? Any opinions and/or related experience would be appreciated.


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If you're looking to get better frame rates at high resolutions I would get the 3Dfx Voodoo3 3000/3500. If you're looking for better image quality a TNT2 Ultra should be better?

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I have a TNT2 Ultra and it rocks. The image quality is very nice and the chip is very fast offering a pretty high framerate. I maxed out all the graphics settings in Quake 3 test and set the resolution to 1024X768 and I got around 40fps. I even turned on the v-sync.

The game ran fine. It was smooth and stuff.

The Voodoo3 would probably be faster but it cannot support these intense graphics settings.