what should i get to increase performance?



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I am currently using a celeron566 with Creative TNT2U. I was just wondering which way would be the best to increase my gameplay: sell the celeron and get a athlon; or sell the TNT2U and get a GeforceDDR?


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Just wondering if there is a 566mhz Celeron selling??

If it is a 566 one, you are better off with a Geforce DDR.

If it is a 366mhz Celeron, please get an Athlon 500 and o/c it to whatever speed it can go or you can try the 500mhz P3 Flip clip Coppermine with 256KB on die cache and o/c it to 667mhz on a Via 133 Pro mainboard.

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Todd a

Todd a

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The GeForce will give you the instant boost. Also if you only have 64MB memory, I'd get more memory. But, if you like overclocker, get the ASUS K&M, a sparckle 300w power supply, an Athlon 500, and an afterburner overclocker. This will cost about twice what the GeForce would, but boy will you have a fast system. 700-800Mhz Athlon would blow away a Celeron 566.


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I'd wait if I were you. Your setup right now should be able to handle the current and next generation of games.

Look at my setup, it runs nocturne, UT and Q3 perfectly. Photoshop and 3d studio max, 3d mark 2000.

The PC is only tool make great use of it

Current System:
128MB PC-100 Ram
Celeron 400
STB Velocity 4400 16MB AGP
Sound Blaster Live Value
TEAC CD-R56S-600 6x24 CD Writer
18.2gb Maxtor Diamond 36 UDMA 66 (running @udma33)
EIDE LG Gold star 16xMax CD-ROM
CTX VL950T 19" Monitor


Even if you got a K7 700mhz with the TNT2 Ultra, I think the Geforce and Celeron 566 setup would be faster, and definitely get higher resolutions.
Like Todd a said, 128meg of RAM is almost a necessity these days. I have 192 and I still swear I could use more... Especially nice if you make your own maps. Worldcraft at least can eat memory for lunch.

Not to mention, Q3 with that extra high "Geforce only" geometry setting looks sweet.

BP6, P2-C 366-550 (x2 eventually), 192MB
CL TNT2U 180/230 for now...


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Thanks for the advise guys!! I think i will get a new harddrive first(either DiamondMax Plus, or WD Expert), wait until the new 3dfx chip comes out then the price of the geforce will drop a bit.