What OS should I go for?



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Hi. Building a system around a K62-400 on a SOYO 5EMA+ (with AGP). Not sure what os to put on it when I'm done. I want to play 3d games. Is it realy worth using an AGP card, are they so much better? If so what OS best supports them? I'm tempted by Linux but know next to nothing about it.

What do you recommend, people?


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If you want 3d games Windows 98 is the best choice right now. Most games aren't made for linux yet. That will change in the future, but for now go with M$.

Mr. Fart

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I recommend to get windows 95 for now and wait for win2k when it comes out. It will make the games run much faster anyways. Oh, and another thing, bad idea getting the SOYO 5EMA+ you will experience some big probs with the motherboard and the games also. I had one and it crashed alot I would recommend getting an ASUS P5A or EPoX.


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Hate to say it but yes, for now playing 3d Games Winbloze is the best OS to use. Unfortunately not the most stable OS out there right now, hopefully Win2k will be out soon.


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Hey people:

Win98 is THE gaming OS right now.


Win2K is NOT for consumer use. It's for WORK.

"We now know that Windows 2000 is a replacement for Windows NT, and that like Windows NT, it is designed for servers, high-end standalone PCs, and corporate network clients. The Windows 2000 family consists of the Professional, Server, Advanced Server, and Datacenter versions. Windows 9x is not going away and is still considered the best option for consumers"

--ZDNET http://www.zdnet.com/products/stories/reviews/0,4161,2263431-2,00.html



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There is nothing that says you can't run Windoze 9x for your games and Linux at the same time. This will give you the chance to learn about Linux so that you will be ready for when more programs start to be written for it.

The cost is very slight for Linux since you can get it dirt cheap at www.cheapbytes.com

Since it looks like Linux will be a bigger part of the computer OS future this is probably the way to go.



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There will also be a Win 2K consumer OS based on the Win 9x kernel with DirectX support.


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"There will also be a Win 2K consumer OS based on the Win 9x kernel with DirectX support. "


really, though, since it's based on the 9x kernel, then it's still 9x, call it whatever they want.

NT game support is getting better, but...
for gaming, 9x is king.

Game Servers on the other hand... :)

my P100 64MB Linux box serves Quake III to 6 people with no slowdown (never had more than 6 on there, but I think my Internet connection (cable modem) would cause a slowdown more than the processor/OS at that point)