What next? Red underlined random words.



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I'm suddenly getting red underlined words in various forums.

If you put the cursor across them, they pop up some ad or other thing to click on. Which I don't.

Anyone know what to look for specifically for this issue?

I'm at the time running a complete SuperAntiVirus scan and will remove anything it finds, but this is way
different from any ad tracking issue that I've discovered before.

Note: I did download Open Office yesterday to deal with Microsoft's deletion of my Word Starter program during one of their damned automatic updates.

The settings on updates are NOW..... to NEVER allow an update.

But still have the redlined issue.



What browser? Internet Explorer? If so, when you updated, did it download any IE updates?

You might try Firefox and see if you have the same issue.


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I disabled the Tidy Net extension. Looks like that may have been it.