What monitor to get?


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Ok, i know this isnt a video board topic, but it is video. I am building my firat new comp, and i want a 17in monitor. I want to spend no more that 350.00. I have been doing my homework and found the following brands and some reviews. Mag Vision, Optiquest, and Cybervision brands.I know there are like 3 different 17in models for each brand, but i am confused about which to get. Thanx guyz


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I would say check out a bad boy 19 incher
I know you want to spend 350, BUT I have een This on for 450, only 1 bill more, you are worth it... See sharky extreme
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If you go with a 17" you may decide you need a 19" two days later. Optiquest makes good monitors.It's actually made by Viewsonic. THe quality looks pretty much the same on the 19" and smaller monitors.On 21" there is a difference, but i found thew Veiwsonic and optiquest to look the same at 19" or less.


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I Would recommend LG Electronics Studioworks 7D monitor Is Cheap And Only Cost US$300,
3 year Parts and Labor warranty.Sound and Video Is Just Great Built-in Speaker and
microphone. This is Cheap And Good.
But Esquire and Chanse are right the bigger the better ViewSonic G790 is the best with
0.26 mm dot pitch, 1600 x 1280 max resolution.<< This Is Monitor Have The Best
performance Terrific text, great color.


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If he says he wants to spend "no more" than a certain amount of money he is trying to tell you the maximum amount he is willing to spend. For building your own computer, a 17" monitor will be very good. True, 19 inches is much better, but if you're on a budget, 17" is probably the one to go for. PC Magazine did a review on 17" and 19" monitors:


Personally I would love to have a beautiful 19" monitor but I don't think my budget will stretch that far when I buy a new computer in a month or two.

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Well, i have stretched my monitor spending to 475.00 and i found the Optiquest v95 for 444.00 at Sircomputers using www.pricewatch.com....i have decided to get this one. Thanx for all of the advice and suggestions. I am waiting till the end of the month for the ATI rage fury to come out so i can get it too