What kind of Memory is best?



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Im looking into buying some new memory either 2 sticks of 128 or just one 256 dont know which is best to do yet, and yes I plan on overclocking my 800E processor. Ive looked at Kingmax and Crucial with the PC133 and the PC150 cas 2 settings but really dont know which would be better for me. If anybody can recommend a place to order and what kind of ram is best for me it would help me out a bunch.


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Any of those would probably be good. I dont have much to say because im not an expert in the feild...but i have a p3 800EB and i just ordered a stick of Kingmax pc-150.


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Yes, Kingmax and Crucial are excellent brands. If you are not worried about the price, some of the best ram that you can get comes from www.mushkin.com It is more expensive, but it is hand picked and their new revision 3 runs at 150mhz at CAS2. If money is an issue, go with the one of the others. They are all very good.



For the price, it's hard to beat the Kingmax PC150. As others have stated, though, you can't go wrong with either one.

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I'm using 256 Crucial on an Asus A7V with no problem. Just make sure the manufacturer has some method of matching memory to your motherboard. I've used generic memory in the past, and while it works okay with vintage machines (old pentiums, etc), newer systems need good quality memory.