What is this "Unified drivers" from CL ?



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Just like to hear about what this drivers are. Can a TNT 2 run glide ? I thought that only 3dfx chipset cards can run glide. Is it just as good as the real deal ?


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The unified drivers emulate Glide on the TNT chipset. Unfortunately, so far, they see to be available for the CL TNT cards. There's supposed to be some performace loss, but not much from what I've heard. They're available on the CL website.

A life? Where can I download that?


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I wonder if CL havn't struck some deal with 3DFX, cause i don't think that 3DFX will allow others to use their API as they see fit. Glide is 3DFX's trademark !!!!!!!


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Reverse Engineering, and Emmulaton is what his ENTIRE industy is built upon...There would be no conputer idusty as we know it without clones. I don't know the specifics, but If Unified drivers were reverse engineered, then no deal has to be made...

DaRKh PrOPhet

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Unified drivers do not allow the TNT and S4 cards to run the actual Glide but it transforms glide coded games into D3d code so that the card can understand.
It runs pretty cool on my Savage4. Actually the Unified Glide runs better with UT than D3d. Although D3d looks alot better.