What is the minimum temp. for overclocking a AMD K-6 III 450 to 500



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I have a Asus P5A mobo and it has a temp. monitor built in. I want to know what should be the minimum temp. for a 500 before overclocking it. It supports up to 550Mhz and my cpu fan/heatsink supports up to 550Mhz too. Right now my current mobo temp. is 91 degrees F. The maximum is 122 degrees. If this is not enough, what other cooling methods should I use to cool it down and overclock it?

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I believe you have 'temp monitoring' not controlling, on your MOBO... You just want to make sure you have good air circulation within your case and that the temp does not rise too much.. Determine your average temp, and set your alarm for 15-20 F above this...