What is the best upgrade?



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I want to get the best performance in 3D games with spending no more than $230, that's what I can afford for now

my current system:
AMD K6 200MHz
2MB Video card

do I increase the memory, upgrade the CPU, get a motherboard that supports AGP 2x, get a new video card...


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Considering your circumstances,and your budget. I'd suggest getting another 32mb ram module and a single V2-12mb video card(if you have the extra pci slot for it).

To achieve the best performance in all or the current games on the market. You'd have to do a complete system/upgrade overhaul.


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I have an amd k6-2 350Mhz,128 ram, and a ragepro turbo agp 2x /4megs. I added a Monster ll 3D /12megs. Whew, what a difference, my performance more than doubled in fps and the 3D effects skyrocketed.
Get a voodoo 2 and some more memory.