What is the best ATX case for OC'ing?



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Hey everyone...
Just piecing together a new system with a Abit BE6 MB and I was wondering if anyone could recommed a nice ATX case that is easy to access and efficient in cooling? Thanks!!


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I always buy Elan Vital cases. They have really good air circulation when the stock fans are installed.

The Aegis T-15 and S-15 are my favorites but they also have the more popular Aegis T-10.

Check them out at http://www.elanvital.com.tw

You can buy them online at http://www.axiontech.com

Good luck!

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I just bought the CasEdge ATX Mid-Tower with the 300W power supply. I really like it a lot. It has a good setup and is easy to use. The review is at "www.hardwarecentral.com/hardwarecentral/reviews/854/1/"


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Check out this baby its huge but they also got a smaller version. It has a hell of a lot of fans. http://www.amkcomputers.bc.ca/24-0334.htm if u wanna buy it.

-3344 24" tower

300 watt removable side panels, motherboard tray

1 3" fan mounted at the top of the case with finger guard (exhaust)

1 3" fan mounted internally (intake)

2 4" fan exhaust fan mounted on case side above video cards with finger guards (one

Im out, l8r


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I have the Addtronics 7896a (from Jim Hanson) and I consider it one of the best full atx towers available. I think it can have over 12 fans. I have just started building the system and i already have 5 fans installed.
1 rear exhaust
2 hd fans in front
1 intake w/ removable filter in the front
1 midcase for video card

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Hi 411sponge,

I'm not sure about full tower case, since I never try one out yet. I guess full tower case are too big to put on my computer table, where I like my computer to be at.

For ATX mid tower case, I like Enlight 7237 the best. I also like the Inwin A500. 2cooltek have very nice pictures of them. He also have modify version of them. Both are great for overclocking, since power supply doesn't hang over the motherboard allowing that Alpha to fit nicely.




Another thing I like about Enlight 7237 is the fact that this is one of the few true mid tower cases that hold 4 5.25" bays.


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personally I like the case edge one. one fan upfront, the ps pulls air off a PII/PIII chip, while another fan is mounted directly behind the cpu. I have run a PII 350 @466 with only the rear fan, case fan, and retail chip fan when the one in the ps died. it ran fine for a week while i was away.



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Hi Biohazard2,

When I got my 300W PS, the first thing I did was to get rid off the 80mm PS fan on it, since it didn't have enough air flow anyway. I think you should do the same, since yours is already dead.

After that, my Asus mobo in the BIOS can detect RPM for my PS fan. Make sure you got the 3-pins version for the 80mm fan. The wire to the fan connector also may not be long enough for certain mobo layouts or those full tower cases, so it's a good idea to get an extension for it. Of course, I was lucky I didn't need the extension on mine.

2cooltek got most of what you need to replace that dead 80mm fan or put in more of them for more OC'ing. Good luck on your OC'ing!! =)