What is SETI?



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Hi guys. This is the first time I wirte in this post and I would like to know what is SETI.


P.S. Probably my english is not perfect but i am foreign


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BoRg^F^Ever The way seti works is you download the screensaver form Seti. Setup the screensaver to come on after one minute and set your 'screen blank' to one minute (this makes seti twice as fast). The programme will download 1m 47s worth of radio signal data (350KB in size) and then works through it looking for any evidence of non-random data. When it's finished, it dials up and sends back the completed work unit (known as a 'WU') and downloads a new one. This is all very easy to automate. Set seti to work in screen-saver mode and to connect when it needs to (you may need to enable auto-dialling in DUN). This way your PC is working whenever you aren't! As lord gumby said, it's a cool way to show off how fast your CPU is

(PS. Don't forget to set your modem to auto-disconnect after 3 minutes idle...)

Just got an Athlon? Join Seti at


and help find aliens before Intel

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