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i know this might seem a stupid question, bcos i'm new to drivers...
all i know is that the denonator is an alternative driver for graphics card.
that right?
will that work with my phopet2MX?
and is that better than the factory driver?
and where can i dl it?


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detonator is the generic driver name for the nvidia family of graphics cards.
A detonator driver will work with all nvidia cards, TNT TNT2 GEFORCE (1+2GTS+2MX) etc...
the factory drivers are just nvidia drivers that they have put there own logo onto basically (and a few other minor tweaks that dont do a lot)
try the latest detonator driver (version 6.31)from: http://www.nvidia.com/products.nsf/htmlmedia/detonator3.html


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While we're on the subject...could anyone tell me what sort of difference in performance I should be getting (if any)between my factory drivers and the latest detonators. I have a Prophet II Geforce2 GTS 64Mb. Currently scoring around 6300 on 3DMark2000.
I have tried the new drivers...the latest drop me o just below 6000 and the 6.31 leaves me 30 marks less than with the factory drivers.

Is this to be expected? I heard that with the det. drivers could get up to 30% improved performance. Thx.


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factories are usually slightly better since they are specifically written for the card. The Dets are usually updated more often, though. like I'm running Asus 5.33a, and I've been waiting a while for ones based on newer detonators.