What Is A Peltier???



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Now who knows what a peltier is and did I even say and spell that right?


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It's a cooling fan. Yes you spelt it right. Supposedly the best cooling fan you can buy.


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A Peltier is actually another name for what's called a thermo-electric device. It acts as a heat exchanger. It pulls heat off of one side(the processor) and transfers it to the other side(heatsink or watercooler). Great temp differences between the 2 sides can be achieved. The ones ppl usually use for home systems yield about 69 to 75 degrees difference. They run on a DC current. Most times 3 to 15 volts. The more voltage applied(up to the top end tolerence), the greater the temp difference between the two sides. It's based on a principal discovered by a man named, you guessed it, Peltier. He found that when an electric current is passed thru certain metals( bismuth, tellurium, selenium and antimony semiconductors), heat is passed along with the current. I wish I could elaborate more, but unfortunately, Im not a physicist.

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A peltier is actually a heat pump, it is a thin flat device. The heatsink and fan goes on top of the peltier to remove the heat that the peltier pumps across its width.

For information on peltiers try punching "peltier" into a search engine, this kind of thing has been covered by many people (HWC even mentioned peltiers in their article on supercooling).

I feel sorry for ChiefDruid who went to all the trouble of typing out what a peltier is when it has been covered so many times on web pages....