What is a PCI bridge?



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What is a PCI bridge? This device always got auto detected under 'Other Devices' and I don't know where I can get a driver for this thing and so I disable it. Anywhere to get driver for this device? Does it affect my computer performance without it? Does it have anything to do with AGP port? My sys config as follows:

PII-300 o/c 450 on BX-6
64MB RAM; Win95 OSR2
Asus AGP V3400TNT/TV

Any comment?? THX!!!


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I'm not sure whether it will affect ur sys performence BUT surely got nothing 2 do with AGP bus.


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A PCI Bridge to what?

Esiu, there are basically two things on every MB:

1.) A Pentium Processor to PCI Bridge.
2.) A PCI to ISA Bridge.

These can normally be Intel by association, and you can find this answer by looking in the Device Manager (win9x) under System Devices. Expand the tree and near the top you'll see those PCI Bridges. Now don't disable them, cause that could hinder the amount of communication through-put between the Bridges to other Devices.

Now as for upgrading the driver, well that will depend upon if the description has an manufacture name listed next to the listed Bridge and a number of some type. You could take that information and ask the motherboard manufacture if they have more current drivers for the Bridges and/or ask the chipset manufacture (or the manufacture name listed next to the listed Bridge and a number of some type) to see if they have an updated driver.

For your board see your motherboard manufacture tech support first, cause these drivers could be influenced by the type of Revision of the motherboard of the BIOS revision. Hope that helps.



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If you dont have the drivers on your Abit CD, you can fix this problem by double clicking the PCI Bridge that your seeing under Other Devices under Device Manager, choosing the drivers tab, and click on update. You will need a disk that has the PIIX4 bus mastering drivers on it, avail from Intel's website, may take a little searching to find them. This has worked for me everytime. Just point towards the disk with the updated mshdc.inf, and you should be okay from there. The bridge, by the way, is the PCI bridge between the IDE bus and the PCI bus in this case.

chris jones

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Its a bridge that lets the electrons cross the isa slots without getting wet!!!But you need to run the patch that came with your mobo to install the drivers for it

Sorry i just had to say that