What i the difference between a CD-RW drive and a CD-R drive????????????


Bob da fish

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Please help me because 9i hav no idea what im dealing with....
please tell me what is the best one of each that is under $400.00.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Seeing Mole
CD-R disc's are those golden disc's which can be written to only once. When properly written, it can be read by so to say every CD-ROM drives.

CD-RW use a special disc which enable you to delete and rewrite. However, those disc's are usually only readable on a handfull of CD-RW drives and only a few CD-ROM drives.

Rev Dr Seuss

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I have a HP CD-Writer Plus 8100i...I love it. It burns CD-R at 4x speed, CD-RW at 2x speed, and reads CDs at 24x speed. I bought it 4 months ago for $385.

The first burner I tried was a cheap Sony CD-R. It only burnt at 2x and I had nothing but trouble with it. So if you can spend up to $400, I'd say get the HP. You get what you pay for.