What graphic card to buy?



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There's not a lot of point in buying a TNT card for a 200MMX or whatever it is. a TNT is pretty CPU-hungry, you won't get the full benefit of your investment if you stick it in an MMX system. Also, MMX system's won't have an AGP, a TNT makes a lot of use of the AGP at times. PCI + 200MMX = Voodoo1. For anything better (read more expensive) you need a faster (read a lot more expensive) computer. a TNT's framerates basically go up according to the CPU, you need a REALLY fast computer to stretch the TNT to its limit.


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I have a p200, and had a v1, then got a V2 I did see an increase, so it's a judgement call, You can get a V1 for less than 50, or a V2 for 99, so it's your call...
I say Voodoo2
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I just bought a STb velocity 4400TNT. I'm running a dual P Pro180Mhz. It may "shine" on a P2 450Mhz, but it certainly kicks @$$ on my \machine now. I'd just buy it that way when you upgrade your cpu(You know you will... with the way prices are falling, they are becoming cheaper than video cards)You'd have a crad you can still use. Banshee is outdated technology before it was even on the shelves. It's a good card for a cheap price. The TnT is a great card for a good price.I'd spend a little more to have a little longevity. IF you buy cards every two months, then by all means buy whatever, but if. like me ,you want something to last at least until you've paid for it , then go with a TnT.

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humm, TnT made a huge difference on my 200mmx, and i plan to buy another to put in my new 400 k62 i am building now. Where do i find the Quake 2 timedemo at to test FPS?


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Ah, the fine lines.

Me guess I would be wise to go one of two routes:

1) for me P200 PCI, just get a cheap voodoo1 card for now


2) Save me dough, and get an AGP mobo, k62-3?? and a TNT. I've seen K6-2 350s for about $125.

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If you want K6, get a K6 -2 266Mhz. It's sooo easy t ooverclock no reason to buy a 350 when you can run the 2656 at 350 . And best of al it's only 80.00
And today i o'clocked my TNT( all you need isa 486 fan. It comes with a heatsin kalready) it is smokin'


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if you have a P200 with no mmx, get voodoo 1
instead of voodoo II or TNT, that costs you
less than $50 and you also keep your s3virge
for 2d, pretty good deal. If you get voodoo2 which is more than twice the price of voodoo1
There is no way you can see a 2 fold speed
comparing with voodoo 1, not even 30% faster.
So make your jugdement and get the right card. Lots of people don't have much money.
Everybody knows PII450 is faster than P200,
but PII450 is not the choice for everybody
because its price is not 2.5 times of a


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Ok simple Q. on a celeron 300 what would be better, a v2, banshee or tnt. I know about the tnt high end shine but is it decent on this or will a banshee suffice. (also think q3!)

Oh another one. on a p2 266, would the tnt outperform the v2? all benchmarks are on 400s now and low ends go with celerons and mmx. what about the middle guys! we have the right to kick arse too! im wondering if its worth to get that tnt for q3 or brave it out until v3 rapes the 3d world.

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The main problem with banshee is that it only has one texel unit and as such is slower under games that use multi-texturing.

If buying a brand new system I would say go for the TNT. As long as your processor is reasonably fast you'll get great performance comparable to a V2, but it costs less (in australia anyway) to buy a TNT vs a V2 AND a 2D card.

If you've already got a 2D card, then by all means buy a V2 (if you don't have an AGP slot, buy a V2 as well. Your computer is obviously a bit slow like mine hehehehe)