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Hi, I am new here. I just got an ASUS P3V4X and a celeron 466. I was wondering what I need to do to overclock it. The 466 is Retail, so the heat sink and fan are pretty good. I have a standard 4 inch fan sucking in air, while using the power supply's fan for exhaust. I have 3 32meg DIMMS of PC66 SDRAM? Any help would be great.


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well that 66mhz ram won't do good at a 100mhz front side bus setting, it will do ok at 75, and if your lucky 83. i'm not familiar with that motherboard, but you need to check it out and see where the cpu multiplier is and also the front side bus, check to see what your maximum settings are.
i hear you can{if you're lucky}get that 466 to 600. but you may have to replace that stock heatsink/fan with a bigger heatsink/fan combo. check out www.3dfxcool.com they got reasonable prices for the alphas that they carry there. i'd help more, but i'm kinda in a day-off drunk-a-thon, so i'm having trouble typing on my 5th beer w/in an hour!...hahahah see ya and have good luck oc'ing

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Umm well
Ahh just check back using the search function.
Dont mean to sound hard but really i bet this exact question is in there

one tip
expect 525 if your chip isnt dud
583 if its good but you will need better hs/f
600 with good heatsink and more voltage probably!

Me and Duckman have the best of the bunch here with mine hitting 640 on air and 600 with def voltage
His runnin at 700 with water!

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