What cooler is the best for P3 800 Coppermine?



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What cooler is the best for P3 800 Coppermine? I wanted to buy a Titan Majesty M1AB FCPGA, but then someone at SharkyExtreme told me they were horrible.

Any suggestions?


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Mine seemes to do a good job and was considered one of the top performers a while back.
Dunno if things have changed recently tho.

BTW: its the 'Alpha PEP66' part of my sig.


Tho it looks a funny colour in the pic, the base is actually copper.

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I've got the alpha pep66 and I like it, Swiftech(sp) also makes really good heatsinkfans, the best when it comes to cooling, but they are heavy and very noisey. If you want a really quiet one, I think its called Noisecontrol silverado, something like that