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The thing is I'm looking for a new card, agp 2 for a athlon k7 500MHz 128MB of ram, 10GIG ultra ata/66 and 8X 3rd generation DVD. what card would be best for gaming, with in a desent cost, Voodoo 3 3000 I've seen on a P3 500 and I thought it was good but I don't know reviews have good but some people say not. so I'm looking for a 16MB (w/tv out optional) so if you could help that would be nice thank you...

I was looking at the ATI rage fury 32MB and it sounded good, I ain't picking on my graphics, as long as I can run my games without to much shit. I'm using a k6 300 with a sis 6326 8MB and thats not bad, but on my P-2 400 I've installed games and the card doesn't have glide, so its all good. It should thought cause when I order the machine I told the dude that I wanted a voodoo 3 3000 in it, but he gave me a sis 6326. I would have built it myself but didn't have time I was mile away from the computer then. So I paid 1500 for just a mainboard a case a 40x cd-rom a 8 gig hard drive and a cheap KDS 17". I told him I wanted a modem with it to but no such luck. I also said I wanted a ultra DMA/33 8 gig not a old slow IDE that takes over a minute to boot up 98 even after I've formatted and got windows all set up. SO the dude riped me off and I'll never get another Pentuim CPU agian, so I pieced this one together shortly after. I can leave this computer on all night and day no problems (k6-300) and my pentuim 2 400 I'm lucky to get it to stay up for 4-10 hours, thats being used so if anyone knows why and might have some advice on why it does that please tell me. I've tried everything I've updated the driver installed the newest ones on all my hardware I've done everything gotton new modems and tried them. both computers have the same chip set same sound and video. I'm not bitching thought cause I like it on the p2400 better then this one cause I can do whatever I want on it and this one I'm under strict super vision damn parents, but thats why I'm building this athlon so I can surf the net without some noisy people watching everything i do and crying when I install something or reading my private files so on and so forth and the messed up thing is I do all tech on this beast cause there to stupid to do it there selfs on dudes suppost to have a degree in computers and he don't know shit. I'm 14 and learned everything I know by watching a dude with a degree make a ASS OUT OF HIMSELF... I thank for all for all your help and sorry for writing so much off the subject of video cards thanks.

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take a good look at the tnt2 ultra, i know it is 32mb, but with the release of the new geforce the prices are dropping each wekk so check em out


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Thats a hot subject here. With the amount of horsepower your system has, you can pretty much choose any card you like.
TNT, TNT2, and TNT Ultras tend to be a little more CPU dependant. But with the Athlon, you'll never know the difference. TNT's however, don't do Glide natively, only by software. But, I use a TNT on my Celeron 400, and I recently installed a V2 add on to support Glide. Didn't notice much of a difference. So I don't think you would either.

On the other hand, I've heard many good things about the VooDoo cards. The V3 is an excellent card for gaming.

The choice is yours.

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The V3-3k has tv out, the 3500 has a tv tuner. However, if you consider the 3500 then it's going to run as much if not more than the tnt2u. I have the 3k and it is terrific. You can easily o/c it to the same speeds as the 3500 (2k-143Mhz, 3k-166Mhz, 3500-183Mhz) mine is at 190 now with only a small 486 fan...