What are the best ISPs?


Armored Wolf

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i want anyone to give me a list of ISPs and rate them from best to worst...

My Ratings

#1 Earthlink ( the best isp i had so far )
#2 Netzero ( not bad for a free isp..not good for games though )
#3 America online ( Aol sucks..good for bigginers though )
#4 Web-TV ( HA HA HA HA HA HA )


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Starnet is pretty decent, as is flashnet. Personally, I prefer TCI's @Home service. It kicks major tail.


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IMHO any LOCAL ISP is probably the best never being over crowded and less corporate BS to deal with. But If you can Not find one I know Netscape just started an ISP service with the help of Qwest. If your not filmier with Qwest they are building one of the largest fiber networks in North America from the ground up. Soon have more capacity than AT&T, MCI, Sprint, and WorldCom put together, great article in Wired magazine 6.5 the june issue (http://www.wired.com/wired/6.05/qwest_pr.html) as for their ISP you can find that info at (http://home.netscape.com/qwest/isp/promo.html?cp=hom12yisp)or (http://qhome.qwest.net/qhome/services/isp.jhtml)

Cyber Draco

I have the absolute joy of living within 10 miles of my service provider. And I know the techs personally. If i have a problem I can't handle, I go see them. Also having the network so close really bumbs up my connection. My last ISP connected at only 37k. Not i get 44k every time. Joy to the world! Merry Christmas!!


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hmmm ISPs!!! Move to a town that has CableModem!!! With the Idiots making WEBSites, all that Animation, sound and Graphics, you will need it!!! Seriously, find one that "will give you 56K" lot of luck there!! and no more than $20.00 a month!! check with your friends in the Area, they may be of help


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I don't know about the best... but stay the hell away from JPS.NET - The worst ISP out there! I signed up with them for a year and I truely regret it! I have friends that feel the same way about JPS. Their service is weak and their customer service SUCKS! Anyway, I don't like to be so negative, but it's neccessary in this case.
Good luck.


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I agree with your # 1 choice...EARTHLINK...that's the one I have finally stayed with....connect at 49K+..and whenever I have connection problems , the tech support never fails me

mr soundz

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I agree about Earthlink...not only that they give you $20 for every referral. I am @ the point now where i dont pay for 3 months, LoL. Do you know anyone that is using David Bowie's ISP?

Check it out @ www.davidbowie.com


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Bellsouth's Atlanta Cable Access is very fast but sometimes goes on and off! But for T1 speeds for $40/month is awesome!