What about the Prophets?



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I plan to buy the best card for 3D medeling/rendering in 3D studio max and still be able to play all my 3d games.How does the the 3D Prophet II MX and the 3D Prophet II GTS's hold out against other cards. Any experience, anyone?

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I think you probably know this already, but the actual ray-tracing the movie in Max does NOT use your video card. It's done 100% in software. The reason being that no card, existing or in the making, can do proper raytracing.

On the other hand, for the modelling stage IMHO a MX should do just fine. The T&L should help Max a lot, and at that stage you don't need much fill rate, so a MX should do just fine.

For games, beats me, basically. I'll wait and see how the final card performs, before venturing an opinion.

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