What about DVD software upgradability?



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I was going to hold out and buy a Playstation2 to use as my DVD player but I have decided against it for many reasons. I have priced around and I can get a Hollywood Plus card and a dvd rom for about the same price as a cheap DVD player (about $150). I am leaning toward the Computer setup because of upgradeabilty. I know new and cooler features are always being added to DVD's and with a dedicated dvd player I will be left behind. My thinking is that since my computer's dvd setup is more software based I can upgrade the program constantly and be on the cutting edge of DVD technology.

Is this realistic? Do they update the dvd software?

Also I have heard TONS of good things about the Hollywood Plus card so I am opting for that instead of a 3d card with tv out. I have a P3 [email protected] so I think I have the cpu power to decode DVD without the hollywood card but I hear the features and Image quality are excellent so for $45 bucks I am gonna get it unless someone talks me out of it.

Question #2: I know nothing about dvd drives and I need some reccomendations for a good one or at least one that is good quality/price. I just don't want to get a piece of junk. Any recomendations? It must be ide.

Thanks for the help in advance.