What a rip off with all these new cards comming out...



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Every 3 months you get a new video card that comes out and basically outperforms the one you have by double.

I learned the hard way, after spending I don't know how much money, that if your a game player, your better off buying a game console. Look at the upcoming Playstation 2 that's able to do a fill rate that not event the 3DFX Voodoo5 6000 can do yet...

And it's only gonna cost you 249$ US. Now count all the money you put in your computer (High Speed CDROM, DVD, Good Sound Card, 19" monitor, etc. etc) You would end up buying a nice Playstation 2, 32" TV, Dobly Digital surround sound system, plus 5 or so games for the PSX2 for the same price as a 2500$ Advanced PC Gaming RIG.

And yet, your stuck with a 19" monitor instead of 32" TV, you get games with great graphics but no game play...

I got tired of getting screwed for games on my pc. I only use it to chat, to do emails and documents. The games, I just use them on a Playstation.

Alot more fun and alot cheaper too... If your into buying games, compare the price of a good PC game vs. the price of a playstation game... Big difference!

Let me know if you share my opinion or not...

I just know I'm not spending anymore money in my PC towards a video card... Sound card maybe (MP3 Fan Here), but video cards and game controllers and stuff.. No way.



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I agree that there are definite advantages to a console, but some disadvantages also. Mainly multiplayer games on a console suck. I love goldeneye, but its lame that my opponent can see me creeping up on him. And Quake 2 costs me 35.00, and with a pc, and the mod community, I can continue playing that game pretty much forever. I think the fps genre along with online roleplaying games are reason enough to play pc games, those are both 2 types of games far superior on the pc.


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I adopted this theory after the first Playstation came out. Sure you sacrifice some graphics quaility, but you get hardly any lock ups, a big screen, and less headaches. Every game is compatible with the hardware and hardware updates are seldom.

Plus, this doesn't mean you can't buy PC games too. Get a good video card when you buy a system and only upgrade if necessarry. This keeps money in your pocket for when you want to upgrade your entire system, which is how you really get a performance boost.



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I see it a bit differently. I've found that the cutting edge in hardware and the cutting edge in software are two very different things. The latest hardware is rarely needed for the latest software. Besides, I've read somewhere about how the human eye/brain can only discern about 30-35 FPS. Beyond that, you don't notice any difference. So why do you need 50-60+ FPS?

I run a C400 with a Viper 550. Only bought that because teh Cyrix 200/Diamond Stealth64 got too slow. By the time I bought the new stuff, it was cheap because it was "old". So far, I haven't found any games that run poorly on it. I expect it'll be about a year before I run into that problem. By then, Athlons/PIIIs and GeForce and such will be considered "old, and I can pick those up cheap.

PC gaming is only really expensive if you have to have the latest and greatest. I can see your point as well, but, I'll stick with my PC.

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I think the best way to go is use both, certain games work really well on one system and suck on the other. One example is sports games. They really suck on PC. Mulitplayer action and game play in general are so much better on playstation. RTS and FPS are much better on PC the internet action and use of keyboard and mouse make these perfect fit for PC.
As far as spending money on hardware. I spend more than most because computers are my life. I currently have a voodoo 3 2000 ($79) running at 165MHz and I am going to use it until I can't anylonger. I bought the voodoo rush when it came out and I held onto that and passed the voodoo 2 and went straight to voodoo 3. I hope to be able to use this for a couple generations and then buy the voodoo 6 or 7 (or what ever is the best card to buy at that time).

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You're right about sports games on a PC--they suck ass. I think same goes for multiplayer games (less you're playing on a LAN or something).

The best games on the PC are those that require a little thought--could you ever see Homeworld on a Playstation? It wouldn't translate well at all.

The flip side is that you're not constantly upgrading the Playstation, either. And mine's never crashed in three years. Try to get any PC to go more than a few weeks without crashing.

I'm kind of screwed because I do graphic design, which pretty much requires the best hardware--it can never be fast enough to keep up with your ideas. But I'll drop my US $250 for the Playstation 2 when it comes out (if that's how much it'll be). I just hope somebody comes out with the PS2 mod-chip so I don't have to pay for the games!

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