What 3D for Unreal AI?



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Hi, I have an Intel 200mmx with s3Trio thing.
I can play Unreal now in DM low res. Whenever the AI players appear, drops to about 5fps.
I also use a lot of 2D while playing with scans and digicam pictures.

Which card should I buy?
Can I buy it in the UK?



iF YOU DO A LOT OF 2D , you really need something like the new Matrox cards, or a card based on the new Nvidia TnT chipset(Diamond Viper550, STB Velocity 4400)
Or maybe even the ne Voodoo Banshee. All are fast gaming cards, and have excellent 2d.
I would definitely NOT go with the Voodoo Rush. The 2d is ok at best, and the 3d ,when it works, is outdated. I bought on, and returned it within 2 days. For lunch today, I'm going to buy the STB Velocity 4400.