What 3D card to buy if budget limited?


Stoinescu Mircea

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Hy,to you all! I'll make this quick:
I have a AMD K6/266,66Mhz Bus, 32RAM, SEAGATE 3,2 GB.. computer, with big hopes of upgrading to Intel Celeron 300A with AGP. The big question is: What 3D card to buy?
Voodoo, Voodoo2, RivaTNT, Banshee,Savage3D, Matrox or what? Shall I wait longer until buying one or what? Plz. help! I am very gratefull for all your answers!


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voodoo is still ok and very cheap now.
voodoo II is more expensive, but its faster and has better image quality!
Banshee is cheaper than voodoo II, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, image quality is better!
Matrox is not the fastest, but it has the best image quality!
The Savage 3D could be great, but it has horrible drivers, many people cannot run it anyway, better dont buy it!
The TNT rocks! its the fastest and has great image quality! if your budget allows, go get the TNT!


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I suggest that you check out the Wicked 3D sight and look at the Wicked 3d Voodoo2 cards. I have one and I have had no problems and they have outstanding drivers. Current price is 149.00 for a 12mb card. The only drawback is that they do not bundle any games with the cards. O.E.M. Check it out, best deal on the market.


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Absolutely the best bet is a RivaTNT. I found one on pricewatch.com for $114 OEM. You get the driver CD, book, and card. I don't need all the bundled crap. It's all marketing anyway. RivaTNT is the best deal<period> Price, performance <period>


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If you do not have an AGP bus, and your budget is limited, get a Banshee. 3dfx has always been well supported. However, if you do have an AGP port, you might seriously consider the new ATI 128 Expert, or if you can spend a bit more the ATI FURY. But I`m cautiously skeptical. www.sharkyextreme.com is supposed to have a full blown review of this card Saturday. I personally don`t care for the TNT. Their drivers are crap! Period!


For a limited budget, Banshee is the only way to go. It's the cheapest single card solution (much more so than a TNT), but the important thing is that a TNT only performs well on faster processors. On anything under P2-300s, _especially_ any AMD processors, the TNT just lags badly. Check out www.tomshardware.com for a nice comparison between the chipsets. And then buy a Banshee. Creative Labs is cheapest, but Diamond has the best performance. Good luck!


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i have a voodoo2 card with a agp 2d/3d card, but if i would do it over again, i would get the viper550tnt (agp).


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I have a K6-350Mhz with an STB TNT card and the TNT card rocks. It is as fast or faster than the Voodoo 2 card on the same system. I recommend the TNT to anyone with a fast system. Only problem I have is running Air Warriors 3 on gamestorm. It only draws the top quarter of the screen, still haven't solved this one yet. Any suggestions.


TnT is the way ot go, I have a PCI STB Velocity and it is way fast. The new ATI sounds sweet, but unless you want to wait a few more months for all the reviews to come in, you are going to be a 200.00 beta tester.
And as for all the crap about a TnT lagging on a lower processor, it is nonsense, I have 3 machines, a Dual P Pro 180Mhz, a P2 350, and a K6-2 300.(Well, actually 2 are for work, but i tested them.)If you want the fastest , buy Voodoo2 SLI, if you want the best, buy TnT. Banshee is outdated crap, just a voodoo2 knockoff to sell to people who couldn't afford or fit voodoo2. Any multitexturing game and banshee starts to look more like an S3 Virge card. TnT is fast, high quality, and supports the on chip features for the newer games.