well, my rig fell as well



unfortunatley it did'nt survive!
Damn, full tower, Seagate 10K scsi, 1.2 [email protected] dead!!!

i feel emasculated!
rig fell from my desk, i usually have it on the floor, but was doin some hdd swapping, fell down, power still on, heatsink broke off, chip fried mobo fell on a wooden shoe rack, cracked through, scsi don't boot no more!
i am now on my A7pro machine, with a 900 [email protected], duron sold.....
chip was totally smokin for a few brief seconds before mobo died, gawd!! i am GUTTED

luckily, the ide drives all survived, and they had my fioles and mp3's, so all's not lost!

i wish i felt that way though!
time to pull out my k6-3+ machine for internet, don't need a server now!




gonna get a new processor tomorrow! 1.2 266mhz FSB and a brand spankin new kt-7A!
by friday! plus, the company RMAed the drive and accepts that the warranty covers this sorta damage!

too bad old faithful had to die though, geez..

Case will be ok, since it fell on the open side,no damage was done! tested all the RAM, Fine, al ide drives passed tests, fop 38 is ok, just the clips on the mobo itself came off with it,now, question, shall iwait for the 1.3Athie, or run into the 1.2 tomorrrow?



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file it under homeowners insurance.. you can get it all replaced... ( someone KICKED ( ie shatter into 100 pieces when KICKED off second floor, by accident though ) my laptop in college and they fixed it )