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I put this into general as i really dont know what the problem is.

I have my bro's machine that he said wasnt starting up. He said it would freeze at the logo and just nogo.

For me it just remained blank after post. I started to notice something funny when the windows disk wouldnt fully boot, it would stop after listing the Automated System Recovery as loading.

Also, none of my boot cd's work. In fact, while trying the ultimate boot cd, as others, i get this message:

"Failure to boot from CD rom, please contact [email protected] and give error code below" the error code was 00400019

Who the hell is that? Ive never seen this problem, and isnt a working website. and this message came from the bios, not the hdd.

I tried a different cdrom, different cable, reset cmos, and removed hdd all to no avail, i always get this message.

Im thinking now i may have to re-flash the bios, any ideas before i go that far?


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That error probably came from the CD ,doing a search on "bootscriptor" returns several links regarding bootable CDs.

heres a sample
TThe BootScriptor
Boot Scriptor is the best bootable CDs bootsector, it allows a high degree of interactivity when booting from a CD-ROM. It provides a set of commands designed to enable users to boot a system in a number of ways (can emulate floppy images using both "MemDisk" and "DiskEmu"), as well as provide interactive menus to choose boot options from (includes color text support and 640x480x24bit images).
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thanks for the reply, it seems to have some substance, but, this same cd boots fine in my rig, and also, the windows disk even freezes on boot.

Im thinking a bios-reflash will help, as this seems to me like a problem with the mainboard talking to the cd-roms.

Also, using the primary ide port doesnt make a difference, and also this rig used to boot from cd's just fine, i remember when i last did about 4 months ago.