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Dear Discussants,
Very often I have seen free sites on which to publish webpages.The problem i have is how to
publish pages i have designed using editors like frontpage98.Usually directories and permissions are given where to publish pages.
On such pages none of those are given.
Help me on how to do this.
Actually if there are sites outside there which sell space for web pages please inform me and how much.



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Normally, when you write your web pages, you must upload them to your site. Most users use an FTP program such as CuteFTP or some other program in which to upload your pages to your site directory. The hosting service should have provided you with the information needed; username, password, etc. with which to access your site and directory. For a pretty good explanation of these techniques, try looking at the GeoCities web site. They offer free hosting services. www.geocities.com will get you there. Also, use a search engine such as Yahoo! and type in WEB HOSTING and you will get a listing of plenty of pay hosting services. Also, your local phone company may offer these services as well.