waterjackets and radiators...what to choose?



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i just went out and got a little pump for the water cooling system i am planning on building. it is going to cool my 3dfx Voodoo3 3500TV for the time being and later on my celly 533 once i get the chip and the board i need. the other 2 components i need is a waterjacket and a radiator. i was looking @ http://www.2coolcomputer.com for both the waterjacket and the radiator. i think i will get the waterjacket from there for sure because it has 3/8" tubing in it, cooling it about 2C more with 100W of peltiers (see http://www.overclockers.com/articles125/ ) but i am not sure about the radiator. the radiator they have is 4 pass, 3/8" tubing, 5" high, 12 3/4" long, 3/4" thick. however it is $40 and i could probably get something similar like a heat exchanger for the heater in a car. they are about the same size but i think the heat exchanger has a bigger diameter tubing. what do you ppl think?


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the heat exchangers in cars got biger tubing, but dont let that stop you, just get a tube expander, the biger tubing meens the water flow more slowly thru the radiator and then can deliver more exess heat.

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