Was going to commit my tooly to 1500mhz and then I smoked the onboard sound, I think!


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I had my fsb upto 171 and it booted windows but I left my fans at 7v and it didn't like that I guess cause it smoked my onboard sound. Right now for some reason it has a pci device in the my hardware manager but when I goto install the drivers it tells me that there are none for it. It doesn't even say what it is except pci device. I am afraid it is what is left of my onboard sound although it isn't that great of onboard sound especially if it can't take a 43mhz pci bus

All the drivers are there for it but no Realtek AC'97 sound. Could I have smoked this onboard sound????? Maybe it is a good thing and it will allow me to get a higher OC now


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My AC97 onboard soundchip runs great on a 43MHz bus

It's a PCchips mobo in a BookPC. I use it to play DVDs occasionally - but it runs the [email protected] client continuously. 28 days of uptime on Win98se running a Celeron2/[email protected]

The onboard 10/100 SIS 900 LAN chip is dead, however. It just stopped working one day. When I set the speed back to default (33), it still locked up the system. I tried everything. Finally, I was forced to buy a USB network adapter - which is working very well.

First component I ever fried (besides a hard drive) while running on an overclocked PCI bus. oh well.