WARNING: Kingston SSDNow V300 SSD



An Update to Kingston SSDNow V300: A Switch to Slower Micron NAND

If you are a forum active or a recent buyer of Kingston SSDNow V300 SSD, there is a chance that you're aware of its performance issues. In short, users have been reporting lower performance (up to 300MB/s difference in AS-SSD sequential read speed) of drives with 506 firmware pre-installed, which is the version retailers currently sell. I've received numerous emails regarding this issue from readers looking for answers, and now I finally have them.

... but I've been fairly certain that someone would sooner or later play dirty and use NAND packaging as a way to mask inferior NAND. Unfortunately that day has come, and as you can guess the OEM in question is Kingston and the product is their mainstream V300 SSD...

Full story available at the following link,
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I'm still waiting for a decent competitor for the Samsung 840 Pro. Waiting over a year to buy another and the price of the 128GB basically has not budged.


Why am I still doing up?
The only reason I have mine is xmas gift certificates from amazon (such a big help!). I also have the 830 (non-pro, 256gB) version which I really like; probably turn that into a dedicated gaming ssd (I hope 256gB will be enough!) :D
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I've bought V300 in February as is was one of the cheapest SSD on the market. Now I wonder if I have the faster one or the newer version...