Wanted: Close up pics on RDRAM

Does anyone have pics on these RIMM's/RDRAM's???
I could also need closer specs on chiptypes, material etc etc.

We are pretty interested in buying some...

Large pics are no prob, we have the capacity @ work....

@ Ericsson Microwave


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Thanx S_Klass...
I was there earlier today and downloaded the most important ones...
Too bad i can't keep it though, some engineers are pretty interested in the uBGA (micro ball-grid-array) technology on FR4-boards, so you probably know what will happen to them...
Last month a FCPGA 600E was kidnapped at work... But unfortunately it was released because the kidnapper was too obvious.


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Glad you found it useful. RDRAM is promising technology, it's just too expensive at the moment to be mainstream. Also, once DDR SDRAM hits the market in any respectable quantity, it's price/performance numbers will eclipse that of RDRAM. As for the 600E.. kidnapped you say?

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