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Bob D

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There seems to be a huge pool of knowledge in the people using this board that I'd like to tap into. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

I have a PII 300 with a Millenium II AGP card. Trouble is, I like flight sims, and the 3D performance of this card does not seem too good. In some of the new sims I noticed that card is "partially supported", as opposed to "fully supported" Direct3D hardware like Voodoo2, nVidia TNT, etc. The graphics in, say, Jane's WWII fighters demo is AWFUL!

So I want to upgrade the 3D capability. What to do? It looks to me like I could either get a Voodoo2 PCI to up 3D while keeping the AGP Millenium II for 2D, or ditch the Mill II in favour of an STB Velocity 4400 (which seems to be the highest-rated 2D/3D card in terms of performance, support, cost, etc). S3 and Banshee don't look like they'd win me anything (2D in the Mill II is ok already, 3D in these cards is no better than Voodoo2).

I don't want to spend HUGE amounts of money on this, but then again I don't want to spend say 66-75% as much and then have to do so again in a year's time.

Also, from the few ads I've seen it looks like a Creative Voodoo2 is actually MORE expensive than an STB 4400. What's the scoop?

Lastly, I've read about potential overheating problems with the STB 4400, or at least its inability to match its theoretical performance statistics.

Sorry for ranting on, but I wanted to tell the full story. Please advise!!


It really depends on what route you wnat to go. Voodoo2 is a little faster than Velocity , depending on your API and resolution. If you, like me, like to play games like that at a nice resolution, you may wnat to go with the Velocity, which I bought( You can find the Creative Labs TnT for as little as 120.00) It supports a nice clean higher resolution, and looks better. If you simply want the highest speed, then go with a voodoo2.

Bob D

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Thanks for the rapid response.

I too am in favour of good resolution first and high speed second. It's those wonderful pics in the magazine articles that I'm looking for...