want to know how to fix my computer



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when I go into control panel under system, under device? I have a 2 yellow(!) where "standard ide/esdi controller is.....
also when I go into netscape it says I have an internal error


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I had a simular problem, where I got what you discribed. It turned out I had somehow duplicated my IDE/esdi controler file and it was causing a conflict. I deleated one of the two and thing have worked just fine. Hope that helps. Good Luck!


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I've seen this problem many times. There are three things that can cause it. An IRQ conflict, multiple devices installed or not all of the drivers are installed. Most likely it is the latter. You need to look at the disks that came with your motherboard. There should be driver files for the IDE controller. If not, you need to, most likely, got to INTEL's web site and download the Bus Master IDE drivers and install them.

Good Luck!!