Wake up!!! Voodoo3 just sucks.



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man these fucking posts suck, man everyone shut up. fuck deans a friend of mine and it piss's me off to see people bashing at him over a fucking video card. THEY BOTH ARE GOOD AT THE TIME BEING, im using a TNT 1 and i dont give a rats ass how good it does in anyting. i can play most games/all games at playalbe rates. i would be delighted to have a v3, or a tnt2 but i dont have one so o well.
god give it up.

o yah and im glad i didnt get a tnt2, my money can go towards a NV10, or a napalm



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Its amazing how these always seem to turn into a stupid lame flame war. Lay off it everyone. Geez.... Insulting is not needed DP and Tonka...

As for those Q3A screenshots, they cannot be compared properly because first off... both seem to have dynamic ligting disabled, and the TNT looks to be running in vertex ligting mode, not lightmap which is what the V3 looks like it is running. Story changes quite rapidly when you change what video settings are used.


The only way you can get a good comparison is if both cards are used on the same system with all the same settings.

Oh, and also do some screenshot comparisons of areas of the game that have more than a few colors on it... such as q3test1 or q3tourney map's not q3test2. The q3test2 map is fast and fun, but it is UGLY and BLAND compard to the other maps.


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adobe photoshop 5.0 is a great editing program mr. jones.

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Off the net is bogus. The only "editing" I did to that was save the targa as a 70% JPG. I can post the origional targa as well.

If you want something off the net, go to:

Shows screenshot comparisons between Voodoo3 in "22bit" and TNT in 32bit.

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And what exactly does my Quake2 hobbyist site have to do with anything?

I also took that image off of my 98 machine, I dont have Adobe installed on 98, only NT.

If you are accusing me of "editing" my picture, you better damn well have something to back that up. I dont take this shit lightly.


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temper,temper,I went to riva website,nada on any new v3 drivers screenshots,as above those are with the new drivers.

ok,I should not accuse(im wrong)BUT,off the net from several different websites would be ideal vs from someones computer.

I believe I was accused at one time(if you remember)of altering my screenshot and someone elses.It didnt make me happy either.


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The only guy here who needs his arse kicked is that Dark Pussy guy. Fancy saying V3 Sucks, I have one now and i had a tnt2 (vipper) previously. I get much better frame rates with the V3 and besides my monitor can only go up to 640 x 480 so everything looks downgrade anyhow.

The real screenshots that make v3 look crap is when you look at the sky i quake3 test map 1 or whatever its name is. It makes v3 look very outdated.


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The last TnT2 vs V3 was at least intresting and not insulting BS, and DP you posted this as "Wake up!!! Voodoo3 sucks" and half way down you say, "Don't get me wrong I'm not say Voodoo3 is a lousy card, I just think that it's not that great as a lot of people say it is" Either you think really strongly about something or please don't go about it half ass. You put this post up to start a fight, and you got one or if you wanted attention without offending how about "V3 doesn't impress me"(it kinda rhymes).
I like to say that as a discussion it's fine it keeps us on our toes and looking at what's out there. Why does it have to deteriate to name calling Tonka "You're a pathetic individual with an IQ of a fruitfly." why cause he choose a different card than what you had? I think if you're going to make snap judgements on people base it on something else besides video cards.


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I'am sure that Dean will appreciate you for defending him, but if you would kindly scroll your mouse all the way up and read all the reply that he has posted you will understand. And if you don't understand let me put it to you in a better form of understanding. Its goes like this..... If you are sitting in front of a fire that is burning steadily and then for no apparent reason you dump a shit load of gasoline into the fire. What happen?


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who needs defending we are simply debating here,if you think like words are going to somehow jump out of my monitor and offend me,your wrong,say whatever,it just shows Imaturity.


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god dame this shit is OLD!
stop with this posts i dont care wich is good or bad as long it works for me adn you and etc. Its your opinion and mine on what i like and on what other like.. Ok and one thing V3 is not faster in Q3 period.
Ok maybe i am lile to pissed of but please dont post this shit i got TNT2 U 175/183 800x600 32bit i get 108.6fps on 2.08 refrence drives that is fast enough but i got the card so i can play in higher res in 32 bit any way why did i get thsi fucking huge ass monitor for to play games in higher res and 32bit..
Sorry on those stuff i am geting bored of this you buy what you like we buy what we like and that how it goes.. i had 3dfx products they were good not bad but in visual TNT/TNT2/TnT2u rocks specialy the MGA400Max
Alex D

WTF?? I am just trying to help OK!


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ummm... i would like to add something to the screenshot debate... not the card vs. card debate.

i;ve examined the screenshots posted, none of them have been altered in anyway by photoshop except for the JPEGing, which doesn;t count unless they are JPEGed at different precentages.

also, a screenshot taken on a V3 from within quake will not show what the picture looks like on the actual monitor when playing quake. the screen shot is snapped from the frame buffer. the image data moves to the frame buffer before it gets the 22bit filter applied to it. you have to get a special screencap program that takes the snapshot after it has been passed through the 22bit filter.

otherwise, you aren;t comparing the highest output quality of of each card. and as for the TNT2 supporting 32bit color.... It only does so TECHNICALLY. the monitor will only display 24bit color.

da jig isz up...


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Well How can I resist this topic?

The v3 2000 was the best 100 bucks I have spent since I have been in computers, well next to getting a zip drive, thats a big help too.

I bought a TNT and had so many problems with it, this in turn turned me off from buying anything that was nVidia anymore. I have done the same with sony, got a bad walkman, it ruined 5 earphones of mine, and I wont buy another one of their products. Now if you ran into the same problem you would probably feel the same way. I have NEVER had a problem with a 3dfx product or anything that had a 3dfx product in it, such as when the distributed their chips. This is the main reason I bought a V3, the reliablility I knew I would get from them, plus a great card on the side. There are many reasons as to why people buy what they buy but its not all because we are STUPID and BLINDLY FOLLOW 3dfx!!!!

This V3 2000 I am running at 166, the core clock of the V3 3000 and I can play everything I want just perfectly, my only drawback is that im running a K6-2 333 o/c to 380, and I am limited in the good frame rates cause of the lack of floating point and the lack of 3dnow in certain games, such as TA: Kingdoms and Quake3. I can play Quake3 just fine and place 2nd and 1st when I play all 15 of my friends, and they ALL have TNT's and V3 3000's and P2 systems. So if the card can play what you want, and it plays the games good, why spend so much money on something that will not do too much more for what you want or NEED.

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The imature person here is you. If you kindly scroll up and read all of your post again, you'll find that what you have posted is call defending not debating. There is a difference you know. I'am not here to defend or debate about TNT2 or Voodoo3. I'am just trying to tell guys like you in a polite way to knock that shit off. We are all here to give suggestion and discussion. We are not here to call something suck or it's a lemon. Get the picture?

DaRKh PrOPhet

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Well this kinda got out of hand

I said V3 sucked, cause in my opinion it's not as great as a lot of people say it is.
I actually meant that, saying that it is the best card, sucks. It might just be the best in your situation.

I was just annoyed by the fact that people were praising the V3 into heaven.

Let's not argue about which card is the best.
There is no overall best card, period.
If all your fav games are glide, then a 3dfx based card is your best choice no matter how good a TNT can be. This is just a small example. Choosing the best card is a matter of picking the right card that suits your needs best.

And why don't we all post a pic on how q3test looks on our screens. As long as you don't edit them unfairly ( i'm NOT accusing anyone here so hold your horses :).

Someone would have to tell me how to implement a pic in my message though.


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The mature person here is the one who will give up this fight, because it obviously leads nowhere. You think you're going to change someone's opinion by bringing any of this up now? Not likely.

Reality check... if a person gives up on an argument, it doesn't mean they lost that argument. Last words?

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