Voodoo300 or TNT2 ultra ?....



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Voodoo300 or TNT2 ultra ?....

I have PIII 450(OC 580) 128ram
CL riva TNT

I wanted to get Voodoo3000 because of it's speed but many of my friends questioned me for its poor graphic compare to TNT2U.
OK, so v3 has smaller texture and only 16bit randering.
We argued for an hour on this...

I said, how many games of today or in this year, uses 32bit randering?
Can anyone tell a difference between 32bit and 16bit with naked eye?

Friends said, but more and more games will use 32bit randering in near future and they'll look much better !!

I said, in near future, there will be better cards, so why wasted extra $100 bucks(canadian) when there will be much faster cards by the time games really take advantage of 32bit randering and large texture. I'll probably get the next new card when it comes out so why am I spending more momey on TNT2U? Q3A in 32bit? wooo....

So I have made a conclusion that I will buy Voodoo3000 for now and when games really take advantage of 32 bit randering, I will buy new card. (napalm or NV what?)

Anyone agress with my choice or am I making big mistake?


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I use the very same card and I have no qualms about it what-so-ever. It is true, you can't tell the difference between 16 and 32-bit. Besides, the Voodoo card has much better frame rates and is more stable at higher resolutions.

You made an excellent choice with the 3Dfx Voodoo3 3000


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My son has a VooDoo3 3000 and I've got a V770 Ultra....both are great cards...unless you are a stickler for "speed and beauty" the V3 3000 will be a great choice (and you'll save a little money)...so ...I agree and you aren't making a mistake....


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Toolbox~ I have 20/13 vision and the difference between 16 bit and 32bit is like night and day to me. Some people cant see it, some people dont see much difference, other people like me see a very large difference.

Either card will do just fine though. One thing: I got a Xentor 32 (Ultra TNT-2) for the same price after rebate as a Voodoo3 3000 was in the same store. (I am also in Canada)

There are many games out now that utilize 32bit rendering, some of them dont utilize 32bit textures though, so there is not alot of difference in the texture art, but in the overall rendering the 32 bit is there. If you can, demo each card and see for yourself what the difference is, but like I said, either one would be a good choice. Also, both are pretty much equal in speed clock for clock with the latest drivers installed, so if speed is your concern, either one would be good.

If the prices are really that much different where you are, get a Voodoo3 3000 then.

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I agree,and get the retail and get,Unreal,Need for speed III,Decent,and when it ships you will also get UNREAL TOURNAMENT any day now......can't wait.


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I Don't disagree with the choice on Cost if thats a factor...BUT..in the very near future games will be written for What "only" the Ultra Tnt2 APG4X form cards will perform.

The only systems that are Benchmarked next to the new chipset(AGP-PRO,820i,Camino)or what ever you want to call it.. are the AGP 4X compliant cards..with a Abit BX rev 2.0 mobo and pc133 ram & PIII 500(over clocked to 133mhz bus & PIII 600) is smoking the new intel chipset in pre-release benchmarks..it will make for a way cheaper alternative.
If you already have the mobo all you will need is the ram & PIII 500. and you have a system as fast as what will be a very EXPENSIVE future sytems.

Sorry.. but 3DFX will compete in the future..why else would they putting out
a AGP4X Card soon (3Dfx voodoo 3800)
and they will need to be able to transfer larger textures than 256mx256m..the AGP4X cards can transfer 2048mx2048m..big difference for all around performance.

Don't just think fps...unless all you do is play games.

GO with the 4X card or you will be asking yourself this same question again real soon.

This link may help you in showing the diff.

Just A thought..


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Yes but you are very good at that one game,whats it called?, ah yes ,catch the goose in the nose.......lol


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I would like to thank "Flavio" for giving me that wonderfull URL,
he has guided me to the brighter light.
I now know that extra $$ is worth paying for TNT2U...
Now the question is,,, where the hell am I going to get more money?


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Right now AGP 4x cards dont do crap, and they arent even working right with the new chipset, that is why the overclocked board and the faster ram are beating it. Tom's hardware got their hands on the new chipset and tried, i mean tried, to test it out. Of the cards he tried in it, TNT2 Ultra, and the Savage4, neither worked in the motherboard, the drivers were totally bad. The savage4 wouldnt even boot into windows and the TNT2 Ultra wouldnt even play any games, so He couldnt even compare it to the current mobo's.

Plus nothing is going to be written for "What "only" the Ultra Tnt2 APG4X form cards will perform."

Nothing is near using textures of that size, and when they do, they are going to need about 256 megs of ram on the card!

Quake3 and Unreal Tournament are the newest 2 using 32 bit stuff, actually not sure if unreal is or not, but quake3 sure is. By the time you waste 200 bucks or even 100 bucks on a new card, its outdated no matter what, in a couple of months. So whats the diff? If you want to fork out 200 bucks go right ahead, but I dont justify an extra 100 for 32 bit, which isnt implemented that much right now, and AGP 4x which isnt even in use yet.

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You should stick with your TNT card, and wait ontill the new generation card's are available.



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I was a little worried when I decided to get a voodoo3 3000 instead of then tnt2, but so far I have not been dissapointed at all. I can't compare it to the tnt2 as I have never seen one in action yet, but I really enjoy playing Unreal in a 1280 screen resolution.


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As a lone voice, in the (Canadian) wilderness, let me just say that I had a Voodoo3 3000, albeit in a K6-2 set-up, and then tried the Savage4 Pro+.
Just in reference to the visual quality question, in a game as primitive as NHL99 yet, there is no question that you will see more hues and better detail with a 32bit card. For one thing, no more pencil necked players!
You could save big bucks with an S4, but that's up to you.

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Check out Anandtech's updated review of all TNT2 cards, published yesterday, and you will be surprised to see that the card mentioned above is now the second best TNT2 card on the market.


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u know what i would just stick with ur CL TNT
for now, i am using my v550 in a celeron 400
and even though i hate it, it still performs great in even newer games
if u want save all ur cash and get a NV10 when it comes out
now thats a card to truly spend ur cash on
hope this helps u out



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why don't all of us Canadians get out of this useless country, and move to the states, people don't like us as it is, and we waste so much money on material goods, when they are about half the price there. My advice is, don't buy a card, just get out of this god forsaken country as soon as possible, or steal some U.S. cash, and buy it there