VooDoo3 and lockups



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My Computer:
P233 MMX
64MB Ram
VooDoo 3 2000 PCI
Intel 430 VX Chipset
Sonic Impact Sound card
Hollywood Plus MPEG decoder

My Problem:
My computer locks up all the time - sometimes upon boot sometimes after 2 hours of games of internet use. The graphics chip doesn't feel hot and i messured the temp in my case near card to be 107F.
I tryed under clocking the card and removing other cards to test for conpatibilty problems. I'm open to any ideas you may have.
thanks mark roberts


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2 things come to mind for me,

1 you probably have to many drivers from old vid cards still in the registry,you might try re-installing the v3 drivers only do it this way-go to display properties/advanced/adapter/change-to standard vga(very important)then install v3 drivers,i would also down load the latest ones if possible aswell.

2 Reformat time,sometimes there are so many drivers installed for things that are not there anymore(old vid/sound/modem ect..)windows starts having issues.A clean install is always nice and usually you get some more harddrive space in the process.

ah ok 3 things,heat try running with case off,if ok you need cooling.good luck