Voodoo3 3500TV or TNT2 Ultra?



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I want to buy a new computer with an Athlon processor and I'll buy a graphic card as well. Which one do you think is better? Voodoo3 3500 or TNT2 Ultra (any brand)?

As far as I know, the Voodoo3 does not support 32-bit rendering and texture larger than 256x256. Are 32-bit rendering and large texture support important? Also, it has only 16MB memory compared with the 32MB in TNT2 Ultra. Does the extra 16MB make a difference? Does it worth the extra amount of money to get that extra bit of performance?

Also, I'm quite concerned about the AGP 4x support. Do you think AGP 4x support is important in the coming 1 or 2 yrs?

I quite like the TV features of the Voodoo3 3500. I can watch TV when I do my work.

I'm still not yet decided because I want to buy a card that can yield satisfactory performance for at least 2 yrs.

Any comments?


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Everyone will have an opinion on this, but for what it's worth, here's mine.

The TNT2 Ultra's are as fast as the V3 and they have more features. Definately go with 32MB. If you want to keep you card for awhile, you'll need it.

Keep in mind that if your motherboard doesn't support it, then it's no help to you. I'm not sure if the Athlon motherboards will support AGP4 right now, if it doesn't then expect to upgrade when they do.


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i think i agree with that.... also it might be worth going with a very cheap option because of nvidia's and savages new cards at the end of the month... v3 and tnt2 are now comming to the end of their leadership, but then again we could wait forever couldn't we.... but if your really eager for one of those cards then i don't think you would be dissapointed with either... (go with the cheapest)


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If you REALLY whant a 3D Acc. now and you want to stick with it for a good while, then buy the TNT2 Ultra, especially if you're gonna buy an Athlon processor!

But my best advice: Wait, wait, wait...
Nvidia is already announcing their new card, and 3DFX and S3 will probably both have new cards out by the end of the year.

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I'm thinking of buying a new card with the TV features, for my older but upgraded PC and have been looking at the ATI All in wonder 128 and Matrox Marvel 200 or 400. I'll probably get the ATI. The Voodo 3500 isn't an option for me because its not available in PCI. The ATI looks good because it does everything quite well, especially the TV, DVD, and capture features. No extra decoder is necessary, making this a best deal at about $160 (see pricewatch.com) The Matrox looks like it has great 2D quality and good overall other features at a higher cost ($299 or so) and a decoder card (about $100). The Voodoo 3500 probably beats the others on video game graphics. Hey,
good luck with the new PC!


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Should I wait for a new graphic card?
If I wait for the new card, I think the next thing is I realise the new card is very expensive. Then I start to wait for the price to drop. When the price drops, another newer version would have been announced...
If you need a new graphic card if you're not satisfied with your current card, go get one now, otherwise you'll wait forever.

Actually, I'm quite concerned about the AGP 4x. I believe there are a number of factors that affect the performance of a graphic card, the amount of on board RAM, the core and the RAM clock frequency, the RAMDAC frequency and the AGP bandwidth and things like that. I'm sure one of them is the bottleneck. I'm not sure which one is. I don't have an AGP board (that's why I want to buy one
), but I'm curious to know if anyone has a problem with the AGP 1x. Probably the AGP bandwidth is not the bottleneck. Correct me if I am wrong. I think that's why the TNT2 Ultra boards from Creative and Guillemot stick with AGP 2x.
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Just drop in a Voodoo3 2000. They run about $75-100 and 3dfx (last I heard) had a $30 redate on top of that. You will still have a SMOKING system. In a few months the new generation of graphics cards will be out and you can get one of them. This will save you $100+ that you could put towards you new Voodoo4 or NV10.