Voodoo3 2000 w/Socket 7 Pentium 233 o/c to 250 good combo?



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I have a Pentium 233 o/c to 250 sitting on an
Asus P5A and was wondering, should I buy a
Voodoo3 2000 to go with it? Would either AGP or
PCI versions of the Voodoo3 be better? I'm
trying to upgrade from an old Diamond Monster
3D (Voodoo I). Any help or suggestions would
be much appreciated!

UPDATE: I did go with the voodoo3 2k AGP and it worked just perfectly with my Asus P5A. That was a month ago. Now, I'm running a Celeron [email protected] on an Abit BH6 mobo. The Voodoo3 is running just fine and I'm happy with my setup. Long live the Celeron.

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johnny lang

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I don't think your computer has AGP.

V3 2000 PCI would be good for your computer. You might even want to get a Banshee since they're real cheap nowadays and your computer won't be able to use the full power of the V3.


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Precisely ! i´ve got a friend that sold his voodo 1 and bought a voodo 2 4 his mmx 200 - he tell´s me he still hasn´t been able to se any difference...

/ johnny B

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I have just upgraded to a Voodoo 3 PCI and I have the exact same setup, it totally rips. I'm very impressed by the high resolution and the speeds I can achieve with this older computer. Hexen II, Quake II, Half-Life all totally shred and I get really decent FPS running @ 1024X768, and it looks great. I have even been running Direct X games and those are totally ripping it up too. By the way, if anyone is looking for a freaking difficult game to master, System Shock II is crazy.