Voodoo3 2000, TennMax Stealth V3, Old heatsink n back of card?



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I just recieved my TennMax StealthV3 fan for my Voodoo3 2000 and I was wondering if I could attach the heatsink that I remove off the front of the chip and place it on the back of the chip? It seems that the stealth V3 does a good job at cooling the Voodoo3 processor but the back of the chip is still pretty hot. If I use heat conductive tape from TennMax to attach to the back of the chip would this be ok? Or would it damage something?



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just watch what you stick the heatsink on with, dont use glue, cause if you go and overclock it too much it can melt and the heatsink will touch your card and fry it, I had a friend who did this and he was out 100 bucks.