voodoo2 sli VS other



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I have a P!!! 450, 128 ram with voodoo2 sli and i was wondering how it compares with the other cards today, such as voodoo3, savage4, tnt2, and even tnt1. I hope it doesn't suck too much!


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V2 sli looses in image quality against all youve counted, but the image quality is still very good in glide and could be worse even in d3d. It is the most compatible of all and performance of sli is between v3 2000 and v3 3000. Its slower than TNT2 but much faster than TNT and savage4.
If I had a sli with such a fast processor as you have, i wouldnt upgrade. if you have to much money, get a TNT2 for d3d and keep the sli for glide, thats still the best solution.


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I would agree you have best combo with TNT(1or 2) and V2... I have TNT with 1 V2..

I have a 2nd V2 on the way just to round out my rig ..

3DMark99 Max can vary a lot depending on your CPU, but according to average scores, V2 SLI is a click below TNT in overall performance.. I'm sure it is probably higher in FPS ..

When I get my 2nd V2, I will be interested to see which tests run faster on which card..