voodoo2 SLI from two different manufacters?



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I have a orchid r... voodoo2 12mb...
is it possible to connect another voodoo2 from a different manufacter???


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As far as I know, the two boards have to be exactly the same (same manufacturer and amount of memory), although I could be wrong. I don't know if anyone's ever tried it.


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The answer is YES.. BUT they both need to be Refrence Boards. Meaning, A magority of the V2's on the Market are Identical. They come From 3DFX. You may even use the refrence drivers from 3Dfx. I have even read, that you can use 12 with an 8, BUT the 12 acts like the 8 megger.
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Almost correct,
All Voodoo II Chips are made by 3DFX, but the actual boards are put out by the various companys like Diamond, Creative, ect. (Although I hear that most of THESE boards are actually mfg. by one or two nameless Companys in Taiwan). Anyway.....
You CAN use two boards together from diff. mfg's as long as they are "referance design boards" and use 3DFX referance drivers.
Referance means the design of the board is a copy of what 3DFX designed to be the optimal layout (In their opinion) of where all the components go on the board. Some companys like Canopus choose to go their own route and make a improved board that would be then called a "non-referance board" and because of the differant layout they will not work together. Hows that?
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okey... I'm using the 3dfx drivers for my orchid... that means that my card will work together with another card that works with the same drivers???
are you certain... sounds strange to me...
anybody tested this irl?