Voodoo2 Problem



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I recently got a Blackmagic Voodoo2 card and my games always lock up right when I get past the startup menus and into the game (Quake II and Descent2 and 3). My 2D card is an STB Velocity 128 and my system is a Dell 266 PII with 32 megs of ram, a Soundblaster Awe 64 soundcard, Iomega zip drive (ext), NEC CD Rom, an U.S. Robotics 33.6 modem. I've looked under the device manager and it says that the 3D card is working properly and that there are no conflicts, but still it locks up every time I play. Typically, the background sound in the game can be heard repeating on one spot too if that is any help. When I cntl-alt-del to get out of it, it says the program is not responding. Can anyone give me a clue?



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its quite possible that you dont have enough ram and its not the video card, playing descent3 on 32 megs of ram is just weird. I barely even hear of 32 megs of ram anymore, especially for someone who is into gaming. If you have a chance get at least another 32 meg chip, hey if it doesnt work you can always return it. I think that could be the problem and not the video card, but Im not sure.


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UMMM!!! Vidfreek is cirrect that 32 meg seem need more upgrade to 64 meg should help. My system p2 350 64 meg with blaster voodoo2 work fine on q2,hl,tribes,and descent demo 3.
If you got other 32 meg to be 64 if not work then maybe video card like stb velocity 128 possible so try call stb if velocity 128 work good with 98 win or p2 ??
I am not sure.